A Mail Away From The Truth

Since I got the kit already it was more easier to continue my journey towards my truth, or so I thought. When I opened the kit my mom and I {mostly my mom} had to register the kit on the internet via Ancestry.com. After the kit was registered, I put my saliva in a tube, then I mailed it off. However, as simple as these directions sound there are ups and down in the process. For example, when you spit your saliva in the tube there can’t be any bubbles in the tube, which was a deal breaker for me because most of my saliva was bubbles. I had a few moments when I had to wait for my bubbles to settle so I see how much more spit to put in the tube. Then we mixed it with a solution that came in the box, closed the tube, and put the tube in the  mail. Luckily, the mailing part of the process went smoothly than I thought. The only thing that was the problem was the wait was 6-8 weeks {since I never mailed anything before}.

My results were a little surprising. When I got my results back I found out that I was 29% Ghana, 23% Congo, 13% Nigeria, 10% Great Britain, 8%  Mali. These results have changed my point of view but hasn’t changed me. No matter how many percentages I have, I will always be a 100% me.

                BLACK   POWER

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