Obtaining the Truth

Knowing the some of my truth inspired me but I wanted to know more about where I came from. I mean there is only a certain amount of information that your parents can give the rest you you have to obtain for yourself. So, this is how I obtained  my truth.

For some people their are two days of the years that individuals love and enjoy, one is your birthday and the other is Christmas. One reason that these are favorite holidays is  because of gifts. Every body loves gifts, but usually it depends on how surprising the gift is. Now, I watched another commercial but this time it was called 23andme. I looked 23andme up on my iPad and found out that it was connected to anccestry. com. There also was a winter discount and I knew that if  it helps my parents save money then they would buy it. So, for my Christmas list I asked for a 23andme kit. My mom and dad were not really expecting that big of a want {I mean how often do you hear a 9 year old ask for a DNA kit} , but they knew how important it was to me, so they provided it for me on Christmas. I was so heart felt when I saw it that I almost cried, not really but it just fit with the moment. I knew that this was oficially the beginning of my all time journey. I was ready!

Little bit more: I had to be careful with my DNA kit because it had a tube for your saliva in it and in about a month I finally got to do it.

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