Welcome Back

Hello guys, I am sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time. A lot has happened this summer that I can barely process myself but in the meantime shall we give you a proper welcome.

New Ideas

So when I first started my blog I didn’t have a good plan which is no good way to start so I have made a perfect plan to keep you and me completely occupied.

  • First, post weekly

  • Second, talk about reality for black people, but also talk about my own personal experiences.

  • Last, listen to any other comments on how to make my blogs better

This was just an introduction. I miss all of you and will post very soon. Au revoir.


A Mail Away From The Truth

Since I got the kit already it was more easier to continue my journey towards my truth, or so I thought. When I opened the kit my mom and I {mostly my mom} had to register the kit on the internet via Ancestry.com. After the kit was registered, I put my saliva in a tube, then I mailed it off. However, as simple as these directions sound there are ups and down in the process. For example, when you spit your saliva in the tube there can’t be any bubbles in the tube, which was a deal breaker for me because most of my saliva was bubbles. I had a few moments when I had to wait for my bubbles to settle so I see how much more spit to put in the tube. Then we mixed it with a solution that came in the box, closed the tube, and put the tube in the  mail. Luckily, the mailing part of the process went smoothly than I thought. The only thing that was the problem was the wait was 6-8 weeks {since I never mailed anything before}.

My results were a little surprising. When I got my results back I found out that I was 29% Ghana, 23% Congo, 13% Nigeria, 10% Great Britain, 8%  Mali. These results have changed my point of view but hasn’t changed me. No matter how many percentages I have, I will always be a 100% me.

                BLACK   POWER

Obtaining the Truth

Knowing the some of my truth inspired me but I wanted to know more about where I came from. I mean there is only a certain amount of information that your parents can give the rest you you have to obtain for yourself. So, this is how I obtained  my truth.

For some people their are two days of the years that individuals love and enjoy, one is your birthday and the other is Christmas. One reason that these are favorite holidays is  because of gifts. Every body loves gifts, but usually it depends on how surprising the gift is. Now, I watched another commercial but this time it was called 23andme. I looked 23andme up on my iPad and found out that it was connected to anccestry. com. There also was a winter discount and I knew that if  it helps my parents save money then they would buy it. So, for my Christmas list I asked for a 23andme kit. My mom and dad were not really expecting that big of a want {I mean how often do you hear a 9 year old ask for a DNA kit} , but they knew how important it was to me, so they provided it for me on Christmas. I was so heart felt when I saw it that I almost cried, not really but it just fit with the moment. I knew that this was oficially the beginning of my all time journey. I was ready!

Little bit more: I had to be careful with my DNA kit because it had a tube for your saliva in it and in about a month I finally got to do it.

How I was inspired to learn the Truth!

Your DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is your genetic code. It doesn’t just make you; it makes different parts of you. For example, let’s just say that the majority of your blood is Ghana. That doesn’t make you Ghana but it makes you give into consideration that your ancestors were originated in that particular place. Now, there is something vexing about black people’s DNA that I know you don’t want to know but it’s the truth. I call it the black truth. Long ago, Europeans took black people away from where they originated from, Africa, which cut about half of the African population at the time.  Then black people didn’t get the proper education or rights they deserved so instead of making their own last names they were forced to use their slave owners’ names. You see the good thing about the black truth is that once you know the truth you can expect more from your DNA. So you are probably wondering, “What was so good to you about your DNA?”. Well this is where the journey begins.

I have been wanting to do Ancestry.com for a long time. I have been wanting to do it since I was 6 and currently I ‘m 9. It took me three years to convince my parents to buy me a kit (I really need to get my game up). Anyway, I didn’t just plain out want to do my DNA. I had encouragement. I had an inspiration, and this is how I got it. One day I was watching a commercial, which was unlike me, I don’t usually wash commercials, but this time this one seemed interesting. I was listening very intensely to what the lady and the man was saying{even though half of it I didn’t understand}. Two minutes later I saw a pie shaped figure with different countries and percentages on them. The last word I heard from that commercial was ancestry and that’s when my ideal.

Little bit moreMy mom and dad also gave me a lecture about how that can probably change my life to know my lineage and culture. They also showed  me old pictures of some of ancestors and that also got me pumped to know more about my DNA.